Dropbox Business vs Personal

Dropbox is a go to for many that need cloud storage.  Whether you need documents available from any device or need to share large files, Dropbox is a Pro!

But is it worth paying for Dropbox Business Membership for your business?

To help you decide for yourself, we’ve put together some of the key features you should know about the Dropbox Business Plan.

What is included in a Business Subscription?

When it comes to Business Subscriptions, we recommend Dropbox Business Standard.

Content protection and Sharing Controls

This feature allows you to view all files and folders that are shared with outside your organization.  Keep an eye on your company security.

File Recovery of 180 days

Deleted a file.  No problem!  You can restore it easily.  

Never run out of storage

With 5,000 GB of storage you have room to work or play.  Use selective sync to only sync specific folder to your pc, freeing up valuable space.

File Locking

Personal versions of Dropbox have been known to get file conflicts if multiple people want to edit it at once.  With Business, Dropbox locks your file so this won’t happen and keeps your team running smoothly.

For the team!

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of Dropbox Business is the Admin Console.  The key for any business is good management.  With the Admin Console, users can be added and removed easily.  Permissions to shares can be quickly made.  When an employee is no longer with your company, Admins have the ability to remotely remove Dropbox from all devices and easily move the data to another user to use or review.  This helps your IT have more control over the data from your company.  

Getting started

Interested in optimizing your company with Dropbox Business?  Contact us and we will help you get started!

As a Cloud Solution Provider, distribute, manage, and maintain Dropbox Business Licensing.

Price: $15 a month per user

Minimum # of users: 3